How I got into chess!

The person who taught me how to play chess was my Homeschool teacher Laura McClain “My Mom” .I was about 5-6 years in age when I went to my very first tournament, and I got 3 out of  5 points and my rating went  from 400 t0 577 and of course I was excited about it!

5 years later I’ve played in 50 to 70 tournaments in total, so far and my rating now is 1587 OSCF (Oregon Scholastic Chess Federation), and my rating is 1588 USCF (United States Chess Federation.) I’ve been earning money at my chess tournaments and trophies.  I’ve earned around $450 & 15 trophies I’ve had some interesting chess games and tournaments!!

Next tournament

I’m going to another chess tournament on February the 14th 2015 I’m playing in the elite section +1300 rating points that’s the top section and the lowest section is the 799>


Are a number that basically tells you your skill level so for an example my rating is 1587 so my skill is 1500 to 1600 and a good place to train is Chess.Com. there’s a Tactics Trainer and a chess Mentor and those are both good for practicing! And a bonus it’s free!!! The other thing is that you can play people around the world there’s a live chess & that’s just 1min, 2/1min, 3min, 3/2min, 5min, 5/2min, 10min, 10/10min, 15/10min, 30min, and 1hour times. There’s turn based games which is 1d,2d,3d,5d,7d,9d,10d,14d, time limits and you have a rating .Great way to start chess!



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  1. jackwoochess says:

    I had fun writing it!! <3<3<3!!!!!!

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